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I’m Marina, founder of Raising Biz Kidz.

I’m a mom of two boys and an entrepreneur for over twenty years. Like many entrepreneurs, it has taken me years and thousands of $$$ to learn (and unlearn) skills that are needed to succeed in my businesses and life.

I want my kids to get the right tools from the start, and NOT go thru all the relearning and time loss I had to do. So I started looking for programs, courses, workshops for my kids to attend (with me).

And I found almost nothing out there that can teach our kids the critical life skills they need for our modern day economy.

FRUSTRATED I started my own pilot program at my son’s middle school, Entrepreneurship for Kids Program.

Watching my students come alive with ideas as they learn, meet and work with successful entrepreneurs has given them the tools they need to live life on their terms and go for what they want. And also allowed me to understand that these skills have to be taught to our kids NOW. 

That also led me to create and organize a TEDx Event with the class.

LET’S FACE IT – our kids will not succeed in the modern, entrepreneurial economy without the proper MINDSET and being in the know of all the latest tech, medias and so much more that is needed to rise to the top – today.

Reality is, most traditional schools haven’t come around to this yet. They are stuck in the old ways.  And that’s OK!

Because we can start teaching them ourselves TODAY.

Raising Biz Kidz is your resource center and home to these essential tools that we need to raise our kids in order for them to become the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

JOIN US and Start Thinking Different, Educating Different and Living Different!



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