Catchy Slogans – Taglines First Real Step to Building a Brand – MMB Step 6

As I repeatedly said in the last step – coming up with a logo – taglines (or slogans) are not part of the logo.

They can be added to the logo where you have more room, but normally the slogan for your company needs to stand alone.

So What is a Catchy Slogan (Tagline) and Why It Is the 1st Step to Building a Brand?

What are the most popular slogans that come to mind the minute I say slogan or tagline?

Nike – Just Do It

McDonalds – I’m Loving It

catchy slogan - business slogan, tagline

The idea is for your tagline to be catchy, INSPIRING, and easy to remember.

But it is the first true step in branding your company. Once you come up with your tagline it is truly incredible the instant direction your branding starts to take.

MMB Tagline – A Work in Progress

Being such a new business, many MANY components will be works-of-progress for long periods of time. But you need to make a decision to start. Even if you change it later, start somewhere.

This leads to the angle of your business and the sooner you have the branding of the company and the direction you are going in.

Because if you can’t narrow your company down to a sentence you can’t fully have the direction of the company.

Steps to Coming Up With Catchy Slogans

  1. What is your company about – what do you do? Serve? Sell?
  2. Who is your market? Who are you talking to and what do you want to tell them?
  3. What is your goal?

I know these are big questions to narrow down into one short sentence. But believe it or not, when you start to focus on these questions or similar ones you will come up with a tagline.

The Mighty Mountain Biker Slogan 

Inspiring families one bike ride at a time – It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Start Riding

catchy slogan and tag line for mighty mountain bikers

Now that you have the tagline – who is your audience? What are you talking to?

Next step – discovering your target audience – this is how you brand!


Explain to your kidz what slogans are. Show them the different examples and watch the magic happen.

This can be one of the trickiest parts, and you’ll find yourself coming up with ideas. Which is great.

My advice, when you do, simply tell your kidz what you came up with. Share it with them. It makes them feel fully part of the discovery and the creation.


Tell me what your kidz came up with.

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