Coming Up With a Logo – Why This is a Crucial Part of Your Business – MMB Step 5

So you got yourself a name. Now what?

How are you going to make it stand out?

This is the art of the logo.

Coming Up With The Logo – A Crucial Part of Your Business

The secret is – simplicity wins the grand prize.

Most people when they start with their logo creation get so tied up into making it an intricate piece of work, that they get so complex in the design that it all goes wrong.

Look at the most famous brands and their logos – there is nothing complicated about it at all:


coming up with a logo - amazon logo


coming up with a logo - nikelogo


coming up with a logo, redbull logo

I can go on and on.

And did you notice? The logos are just that – a design that we always associate to the company, with the name.

LOGOS ARE NOT TAGLINES – and the best logos don’t have the tag lines as part of the design.

We’ll get into taglines in the next step, which is an important part as well.

But tag lines are NOT logos.

The DIY Logo Design

You can definitely hire a graphic designer to do your logo. And I would recommend this later on in the game. But for the moment, most companies, businesses are started on shoestrings with sweat equity as the payment system.

And, in my opinion, it’s best for you to learn the basics of each step. This way when you are ready to hire people to do it for you, they do a much better job with your direction and your knowledge.

Teaching at my son’s school ‘Entrepreneurship for Kids Course’ this was one of the main things I taught the class.

There are tons of free softwares and programs out there to use to design logos. The one I taught my son was Canva. I have tutorials how to use Canva as well. Look in the tutorial section.

My son picked it up really quickly, and within a couple of days of playing around he gave us a several options.


Whatever path you decide to go either DIY (doing it yourself) or hiring a graphic designer, make sure you do at least 3- 5 different samples. This really helps you decide what you like most.

My son came up with several. Another benefit to having many, is you can mix and match them as well.

And that is how we came up with our AWESOME LOGO! Thanks to my son:

coming up with a logo, starting a family business

Ready to get a Tag Line (a Catchy Slogan) – find out how here.


If your kidz don’t know how to use basic software on line for graphics, no problem. Have them draw it out on paper.

Ask them to come up with around 3-5 options.

Learning software such as Canva or Paint, are quick easy and I’ve seen many kidz learn on their own the basics within a couple of hours.


Tell me what your kids came up with.

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