Finding Your Why – How Mighty Mountain Bikers (MMB) Came to Life – Step 1

The first step to any business is the business idea creation that comes from Finding your WHY.

This is usually the hardest, but the most fun.

And a lot of times, how these ideas come to life will truly astound you. Such is the story of how Mighty Mountain Bikers came to existence.

Finding Your Why Is Truly Magical

finding your why - starting a family business

When I say come to life, what I mean is the idea was born.

Having an idea is super, but I bet we all have at least 10 ideas floating around in our mind on any given day. Kids usually have more than that, if you ask.

So what happens to those amazing business ideas?

Well, if you don’t act upon them they float right back into the cloud world. Eventually evaporating into thin air.

Sometimes, the ideas that we allow to float away, because of fear, doubt and usually not having any notion how to start can eat away at us making us regret that we never did anything about them.

And that is the worst part. Especially for a child who comes to their parents with these ideas and gets turned away, simply because the parent themselves don’t have any idea what to do, and immediately chooses the easy way out by simply stating the idea isn’t great.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

With these series of tutorials my goal is to walk you through the full process of starting from the birth of the idea to implementation to bringing the business into existence and to the rest of the world.

While giving your kid confidence by showing them that their idea is great, and bonding the family as you get started doing this.

A Quote to Live By

A few years ago I hired a business coach to help me put some of my thoughts into action.

The reality was, I was sitting on an idea that I had for over four years. By the time I hired this coach, the idea burned so deeply inside of me that I had to figure out what to do with it.

It was a great idea for a business. A business that no one was doing. I was paralyzed with fear and doubt. And putting off the implementation of it for years.

My coach put it to me bluntly:

First of all, she genuinely loved the idea and knew that it was a necessity. So after listening to my totally pointless, fear driven excuses she said:

“How dare you NOT start this business? How dare you sit on your skills, ideas and talents and hold them back from the people who will desperately need it and live a better life because of you. How dare you do the world such a disservice!”

With that she was so angry she ended our session early telling me to decide now or move on.

Turning Point in My Life – Starting a Business

Needless to say, I started that business – The Trader Chick.  Since the idea was brewing in my mind for so long, it wasn’t too hard to finally get it out there.

Don’t get me wrong, it took work. A lot of work to get it organized and do all the steps (what I will be showing you in these tutorials).

However, our conversation took place in May, by June I had my site up. By July I had my three online courses ready (they were being perfected all the time – and still are). By August I launched.

By August 15, my first launch brought in almost $5,000. May not be a huge amount to what others are bragging about.  But to me it was a huge amount. If I made $10 it would have been a huge amount.


Because it gave me the confirmation that what I have been sitting on was definitely necessary and people do, to this day, need what I have to offer.

How to Come Up with Business Ideas

One of the most important things The Trader Chick allowed me to discover was the entrepreneurial journey.

I had that idea simmering inside of me for four years. What that meant was that I always knew I wanted to start a Day Trading academy for total newbies, but had no idea how to even go about it.

So for two years I sat around not having a clue and procrastinating.

Then I bought courses, hired several business coaches and life coaches, went to seminars and conferences, joined other entrepreneur groups to see how I can make it come alive.

One thing I learned: It’s way simpler than it seems, but first you have to cut through all the crap and bullshit out there. 

This never helps anyone. And can make you sit on your ideas for another two years (minimum) like I did.

The thing is, reading and watching videos and listening to podcasts is all well and good. But until you get out there and START DOING, putting ACTION to work, none of it will be of any good to you.

I have made tons of mistakes with The Trader Chick, but I have also learned so much.

The Most Important Thing Before You ACTUALLY Do Anything – Finding Your Why

I’m sure you have heard people say over and over again: What is your WHY? When it comes to starting a business.

Most of the time we skip over this and continue with an idea that we think is great. But then give up on it either lack of knowing what to do next, or more importantly – without realizing it – your WHY simply wasn’t strong enough or even there.

So what is ‘Finding Your Why’?

Instead of telling you what it is, which you can easily do by reading this great book:

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

I’ll do what most leaders do – Inspire by Example

My WHY has always been my family.

One way or another, I have been blessed enough to do my businesses that I have plenty of time to spend with my family and to incorporate them into them one way or another.

For example, Travel Experta, my first business baby, which was started by accident and has grown to be one of my favorite businesses up to now, allows me to write about my family’s adventures as part of me inspiring other families to travel more.

The Trader Chick, allows me to make my income more passive, so that I can spend more time with my family and travel as well, because it is 100% location independent.

Even though my WHY of wanting to spend more time with family is definitely part of both businesses, my REAL WHY is not only spending more time with them, but to actually have a business that is WITH my FAMILY that allows us adventure, experiences, memories and the ability to inspire others to do the same – whatever they chose as their idea driven by their strong why.

On top of that, my WHY has always been to inspire families to be together more through working together, creating together and making a true difference in their lives.

When you have a strong WHY, and keep thinking of how it can come to life, the Universe has a way of bringing it to you.


You will be surprised how quickly your kidz get the concept of WHY.

Since this is the first step, if your kid hasn’t come up with an idea yet, and has been toying with starting their own biz, ask them why they want to do that?

It needs to be strong enough to get them doing it continously.

Making money is cool, but let’s face it, there are tons of things you can do to make money that will not motivate you to even get out of bed.

So the WHY has to be strong enough and fun enough.

This is a great exercise to simply getting the juices flowing.

My Family’s Reasons and Why

My family has been really getting into mountain biking. It has become the everything of my husband’s life. And my kids have jumped on the band wagon.

If anyone knows anything about mountain biking, it is not a cheap sport.

So daily I would hear my family say we need to buy this, we need to go to this race, or go check out this trail.

With the success I’ve had with Travel Experta and the free product reviews I’ve received over the years and almost all of our travel expenses covered so I can write about our adventures for my website my sons and husband have used this as a reference point.

My husband’s why is to ride, race and inspire his kids. And, even though he started riding at 39, he has managed to inspire tons of other men well into their mid ages and has become passionate about sharing his experiences with the world.

My sons love anything to do with riding, travel and hanging out with us. And most of all, getting new stuff. However, their biggest why is to have fun doing it and getting rewarded for it.

When you start doing what you love not for the money for the gratification of doing it, that’s when you know you’re ready to go for it.


Tell me what your kids came up with.

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