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Do you ever wonder – what can I possibly do that isn’t being done already?

In reality, this is a question we all ask. There just seems to be so much out there already, and it feels like – what can I possibly create that will truly stand out?

Look you don’t have to recreate the wheel, or invent something that no one has done before. That would be great and definitely will stand out. But even if you come up with something totally new, you still need to go through the same steps as everyone else.

How to Make a Difference – What Really Makes Your Idea Different


First and foremost, it’s you. The fact that you’re driving the train of this idea right away puts you in a different position than me doing the same thing.

Because, it’s not the same thing. Even though we offer the same ‘product or service’ it will be done completely different than one another.

If this doesn’t convince you, I can guarantee that no matter if we are doing similar things, unless you or I are being complete copy cats, it will have a different spin on it.

Examples of Making a Difference 

I’m not going to examine any major companies and go into deep retrospection. I’ll simply show you how both of my other businesses, which are in popular categories, still stand out and I’m able to position myself differently than most of the others.


Travel Experta – When I started I was in the same field as many other travel bloggers. Granted, I did start almost a decade ago, but I’m still doing good in a genre that has explode.

First of all, when I started I specialized in family travel only in Costa Rica. Then, once we moved to Guatemala, I specialized in both countries. As we traveled more and more in Central America, I became more of a specialist in this area.

But since we now travel a lot more, I have expanded the themes, but it is still family travel, more luxury, adventure style.

family travel, family business, family love

Trader Chick – have you heard of the day trading online industry. It’s freaking huge. It’s actually a saturated field. So how would I possibly be able to get a foothold into this industry.

Trust me, this was something that kept me awake and at bay from starting the company for years.

However, I found an edge in this industry that no one was focusing on. Actually, it was two.

  1. Women traders – no one at all was talking to women traders. 99.9% of the sites were run by men, talked to men and handled by men. Women were sooo excited and relieved to find a person talking directly to them.
  2. Beginner traders – a lot of people want to be day traders, but have absolutely no idea what it is. In an industry where there are zero barriers to entry and no one telling you to do your due diligence before throwing money at the market, it’s the easiest place to lose money and then blame it on the market. When in reality, there is no one helping them understanding what very first steps of what day trading is about. And also, teaching total newbies, something that no one is doing either.

day trading for beginners, the trader chick

But if you want to go more main stream:

News channels – we are bombarded by an array of news channels and websites. Some are quite neutral, but others are either crazy right wing or totally left.

How about make up companies – so many seem to be the same, yet they are different and most are making a killing. And, if you follow the beauty world, it seems that a new company or celebrity is coming out with a new line almost daily and raking in the bucks.

How Mighty Mountain Bikers (MMB) Are Standing Out

If you do a search for mountain biking you will find your fair share of sites, stores and influencers.

However, our focus is different than most. We are focusing on getting the family to ride together.

We are all about kids and papas and mamas riding, competing and inspiring.

Our goal is to do family events and tours and mountain biking camps for families.

There are a couple of other sites that focus on biking with kids. But even they have different angles. Some focus on inspiring and then leading you to buy from their bike store. Another site also does inspiration, but their goal is to go around to schools and coach and mentor kids.

As you can see, you can take the same topic, product, business idea and personalize it to what you love and understand.

That’s how your business will make a difference and stand out. 


Every kid wants to know they are unique. The same is for their biz ideas, or family biz ideas.

They love to think of what makes them stand out.

So ask. You will love to hear what they have to say.


Tell me what your kidz came up with.

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