Ideal Client – Who is Your Target Market – MMB Step 7

Do you know that when Stephen King writes his books he only has ONE ideal client he writes to?

That’s right. The author that sells to millions and millions of readers, only writes to one person.

Tabitha King, his wife. She epitomizes the person he can write best to. She is his target market.

The Number One Mistake People Make When Starting Their Business – Identifying Who Is Your Ideal Client

When people start they want to sell to everyone. Because they believe that this is what everyone does.

Everyone drinks Coke, right? So their advertising and marketing department must simply advertise to everyone.

Everyone eats at McDonalds, right?

But if you sit down with any of these marketing companies you will know they speak to one group, one market group. Usually one person through their advertising and marketing copy and content.

After you come up with a name (read about coming up with a business name here) and then a tag line (read about coming up with a catchy slogan here), you have a good idea who your audience is right away.

That’s the beauty of coming up with a tagline.

However, it is crucial to really narrow down your approach. I will be covering this later with a complete breakdown of coming up with your target audience.

So for now, who is the person you are writing to?

Who is Mighty Mountain Bikers Ideal Client?

MMB’s Tagline is: Inspiring families one bike ride at a time

Ideal Client - Who is Your Target Market

Having that basis to always come back to, who do you think our audience is?

Families who ride or want ride.

Getting more specific – fathers who have kids they want to ride with.

And when you break it down even more. The father, who will be our ideal reader and client, is between the ages of 30 – 50, middle class / upper middle class.

To fully understand how to breakdown your ideal customer avatar, I have separate tutorials on this to help you get laser focused on it.

Now that you have your ideal reader and customer, what do you have to sell? You’re not a business unless you are selling something. This is the next step, find out the different options to sell. 


Explain to your kidz what slogans are. Show them the different examples and watch the magic happen.

This can be one of the trickiest parts, and you’ll find yourself coming up with ideas. Which is great.

My advice, when you do, simply tell your kidz what you came up with. Share it with them. It makes them feel fully part of the discovery and the creation.


Tell me what your kidz came up with.

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