Kid Entrepreneur – Kidpreneur

Tools and skills needed for the kid entrepreneur to develop their businesses with their family’s support.

Teaching Your Kids About Digital Marketing

One thing in business is for certain: things are going to change. However, it is likely that for the foreseeable future, digital marketing will still be a part of any reasonable marketing initiative and may have even more significance. Why? … Continue reading

Where to Start – Taking the First Steps for Building Our Business – MMB Step 10

Have you ever looked at someone like Jim Carrey or Meryl Streep and kind of miss the whole picture of their start. This happens with everyone. We tend to see their middle rather than look back to where they started. … Continue reading

The Epiphany – How to Grow Your Business – MMB Step 9

What’s an epiphany? There are many definitions, some religious, some not. However, the underlining thing that happens when you are struck with an epiphany, is more like an awakening! Total clarity of a direction you need to go in. Sometimes … Continue reading

What Makes You Unique – Branding Your Business – MMB Step 8

What Makes You Unique – What Makes Us Unique and Different Ask yourself – Who are you? What does your company represent? Mighty Mountain Bikers is the brand – it’s a lifestyle brand. Whenever you hear the words lifestyle, you … Continue reading

How to Make a Difference – Standing Out Above the Crowd – MMB

Do you ever wonder – what can I possibly do that isn’t being done already? In reality, this is a question we all ask. There just seems to be so much out there already, and it feels like – what … Continue reading

Ideal Client – Who is Your Target Market – MMB Step 7

Do you know that when Stephen King writes his books he only has ONE ideal client he writes to? That’s right. The author that sells to millions and millions of readers, only writes to one person. Tabitha King, his wife. … Continue reading

Catchy Slogans – Taglines First Real Step to Building a Brand – MMB Step 6

As I repeatedly said in the last step – coming up with a logo – taglines (or slogans) are not part of the logo. They can be added to the logo where you have more room, but normally the slogan … Continue reading

Coming Up With a Logo – Why This is a Crucial Part of Your Business – MMB Step 5

So you got yourself a name. Now what? How are you going to make it stand out? This is the art of the logo. Coming Up With The Logo – A Crucial Part of Your Business The secret is – … Continue reading

How to Name Your Business – Family Team Work: Mighty Mountain Bikers (MMB) – Step 4

What’s in a name? How to Name Your Business Some say it’s the cornerstone of your business, others like Google, Apple, Amazon it has nothing to do with what the company is about. But we all know them. So why … Continue reading

An Idea Is Born – Coming Up With a Business Idea – How Mighty Mountain Bikers Came (MMB) to Life – Step 3

Coming up with a Business Idea can happen in the most peculiar of ways.  So best not to ask how it happened or even why it did, but to embrace it and go with it. An Idea is Born – … Continue reading