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Tools and skills needed for the kid entrepreneur to develop their businesses with their family’s support.

Finding Your Passion – The Back Story for How Mighty Mountain Bikers (MMB) Came to Life – Step 2

Finding Your Passion is almost cliche these days. Do what you are passionate about, follow your dreams. However, when society is telling you otherwise, the dreams get lost in the shuffle. Before you go any further, make sure you do … Continue reading

Finding Your Why – How Mighty Mountain Bikers (MMB) Came to Life – Step 1

The first step to any business is the business idea creation that comes from Finding your WHY. This is usually the hardest, but the most fun. And a lot of times, how these ideas come to life will truly astound … Continue reading

How Breaking a TV Helps Kids Learn the Power of Habit

What happens when your tween son breaks the screen of a $500 TV making it completely unusable and un-fixable after being told over and over and over again not to play next to it with his toys that can easily … Continue reading

What’s Your One Thing – Mine (for the moment) is Finish Strong

Many, many years ago, when I was living in NYC I went to a really fun workshop. I honestly don’t even remember the name of the guy anymore, however the workshop was all about personal development. This was my first one … Continue reading

Parental Involvement – Behind the Scene Work of a Parent

Parents stop wanting to be in the spotlight. Stop hogging the praise even if it is your ideas that get your kids recognized for a talent they show through an idea you originally had. At the end of the day, … Continue reading

What Motivates Your Child – How an Unexpected Job Gave My Son Confidence

Did you ever have one of those ideas that simply works and you have a REAL parenting win? I’ll proudly boast about my big idea that helped mold my son’s view of himself and others around him – in a … Continue reading

Date Night – How It Helps Your Kids Become Better Adults

What happens when you get married, have kids and sink into life? Well, quite a few things as we know. But one of the biggest that gets overlooked is the relationship that brought this family to life in the first place. … Continue reading

What Does a Cracked iPhone Screen Have Anything to do with Overcoming Fear

What happens when you give your kid an iPhone and it comes back with a screen shattered into hundreds of pieces because he wasn’t paying any attention and dropped it just like that? A valuable lesson and a chance to … Continue reading