The Epiphany – How to Grow Your Business – MMB Step 9

What’s an epiphany?

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There are many definitions, some religious, some not.

However, the underlining thing that happens when you are struck with an epiphany, is more like an awakening!

Total clarity of a direction you need to go in. Sometimes it’s completely out of this world and leaves you wondering, ‘wtf is that about’. It has nothing to do with what you are doing in your life.

Or, epiphanies can bring you clarity to long sought questions and things that have been lingering in your life.

I’ve had many epiphanies with my businesses and in my life. Most have worked out brilliantly, others faded away after attempts to bring them to life.

And when you are finally on a path, they will start happening to you more and more.  I like to treat them as gifts that you need to accept and go with. Once your ideas start to flow the mind and then universe bend to take you to new places.

And that’s when the huge light bulbs go off, or better known as epiphanies.

Mine happened while celebrating my 45th birthday.

I treated myself to go with a friend, to her luxury hotel, on a lake and just fully take time for me and self care, while enjoying hanging out with my friend. All in the privacy of my luxury room with amazing views.

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The Epiphany – How to Grow Your Business

During this time, I had my epiphany.

About 12 years ago, while living in Costa Rica, my husband and I bought a huge piece of property. It’s one of those visionary properties as in it’s 100% raw land. To get to it you need to cross a river. But once there the views are spectacular, riverfront and 24 acres of pristine land. And even though it’s quite isolated, it’s only 10 minutes from Liberia, the 2nd largest city in Costa Rica.

We’ve had nothing but problems with the land. Not with the land itself. But with different things revolving around it. Three years after buying the land we found out we are moving to Guatemala, so instead of holding on to it. I sold it for a great profit.

I sold it as in owner financing, and after two years of paying me for the land, the guy stopped paying.

I don’t know if you know what foreclosures are about. But, after going thru one myself as in getting my land back, I can see why it’s such a huge business for lawyers. It literally took over three years and – no joke – ten times more money to get back then the initial sale with my lawyer. It’s disgusting how they rip you off.

Regardless, the land came back to us. But, living in Guatemala I haven’t had any chance to visit it, nor did I have much of an idea of what to do with it.

The idea of starting an eco lodge and retreat center crossed my mind many times. A place for families, camps and retreats.

However, learning more about what this entails and the upfront investment, totally turned me off.

So, sitting in my private suite, watching the sun set over the lake and volcanos it came to me.

The answer. The Epiphany.

Make it into a eco friendly glamping spot for mountain bikers. The center spot to have families to come for mtb trips and do awesome trails and tracks around where we have the land and come back to the camping spot where we will have glamping style tents, a place for everyone to eat together. Bathrooms, all solar paneled and bikes offered.

Once I told my husband, we not only realized that our Mighty Mountain Bikers brand will inspire and bring families together, now they will have a great place to come and do it together.

Building a community.

And with my experience through Travel Experta, to be able to organize awesome trips for families, and now including mountain biking as part of adventure along with an awesome glamping spot. We both knew this is what we need to do.

Where to Start – Adding Layers to the Foundation Step 10


I bet your kidz have had light bulbs go off. This is their form of epiphanies. Listen to them. A lot of times they are incredible.


Tell me what your kidz came up with.

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