What Makes You Unique – Branding Your Business – MMB Step 8

What Makes You Unique – What Makes Us Unique and Different

Ask yourself – Who are you? What does your company represent?

Mighty Mountain Bikers is the brand – it’s a lifestyle brand.

Whenever you hear the words lifestyle, you immediately think of fashion bloggers and interior decorators or overall home life, but it’s not only that.

Lifestyle is a style of living. Our goal and brand is all about bringing families together through biking. Inspiring families to get outside and ride together. It doesn’t matter the level or the age. As a matter of fact, we encourage people to hop on bikes at all ages.

And, with my husband starting at 39 himself, he has managed to inspire a ton of his friends (all dads and mid age) to not only get on a bike, but to start competing and getting their kids involved.

MTB families, Mountain biking with kids, What Makes You Unique - Branding Your Business

Yes, my husband has a great group of biker friends that they go out twice a week regularly, but many afternoons and weekends have been gathering with other friends and getting their bikes and kids.

The lifestyle that we are representing is nature, good health, adventure and most importantly bonding the families one ride at a time.

Everything we do works around our slogan – inspiring families through bike riding. It’s never too late or too early to start riding.

mtb competition, mtb community, MTB families, Mountain biking with kids, What Makes You Unique - Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business – What Makes You Different and Unique?

When you think of your brand, remember there are many platforms you will be using all at once. In this day and age, only having a website is not enough. You will be posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Along with other social media networks.

We will get more in the usage and set up of all these mediums in tutorials found on this website.

So whenever you see us posting or writing or making videos, our goal is to show how we do everything with our kids. How my husband rides and races and competes with them. When it’s time to clean the bike or add new parts or take it apart, it’s always with the kids learning and helping.

Trainings and gatherings how we do it as a family and with other families.

No matter what you do, the goal is to stick to your branding.

If all of a sudden we started posting about yachting or how to put on make up, this is so far off from the brand, that we will instantly lose your readers.

Don’t lose your focus. Don’t lose your direction. The minute you do that, not only do you lose your readers and tribe, you lose yourself with it.

Why does this make us different? Believe it or not, there aren’t any biking sites that are focusing on the family. There are a couple here or there, but non that are 100% focusing on families.


Every kid wants to know they are unique. The same is for their biz ideas, or family biz ideas.

They love to think of what makes them stand out.

So ask. You will love to hear what they have to say.


Tell me what your kidz came up with.

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